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Sanford Ferguson Darrah

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the man, the myth, the moustache

Born to Susanna Roller & John Darrah in the late summer of 1859, Sanford Ferguson Darrah popped out an ambitious man. From what we’ve found, he was a descendant of a line of hard men. Multiple sources site them as burly mountaineers, all the way back to great-great grandpa Jacob Roller, an immigrant from Wittenburg, Germany. The moustaches on these men were deemed fascinating by the team inside of the Darrah House, and here are our findings:

Darrah Family Photos

Sanford was Smart

After graduating from Purdue University for Law, Sanford moved down to Fort Collins to shadow his uncle. With this advantageous connection, Sanford made a splash in the up-and-coming city of Fort Collins.

Mr. Sanford Darrah, the popular pedagogue of Buckhorn, visited this city Saturday. Fort Collins Courier, April 22, 1886

After securing his place in this new society, he solidified it through the bonds of marriage to the daughter of a state senator and doctor from Indiana.

Dr. William Franklin Reiley was not only an accomplished physician, but also was a famous politician in Indiana.


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